Bill Clinton Opens Ireland’s First ‘African Only’ Brothel In Dublin



FORMER US President Bill Clinton made history yesterday afternoon by cutting the ribbon to Ireland’s first ‘Ebony Only’ Brothel in Dublin.

Hundreds of men, women and children turned out for the colourful opening ceremony, which was also attended by the main investor, Denis O’Brien.

During a 30 minute speech at the main entrance, he said Ireland has come a long way from its troubled past and its people should be proud of their cunning ability to welcome different nationalities in from around the world.

“Allowing certain cultures to live and breed in your current society is a testament of the new-found openness of the Irish people.” he said. “Hopefully other countries can learn from the good people of Ireland. You are so warm and cuddly. I’d love to bring you all home to my bed.”

Accompanying Mr. Clinton at the opening ceremony was brothel owners Ode Bablando and Izundo Okatche, who claim the establishment, called Ebony Spice, is also the first of its kind in Europe.

“We seen a gap in the market for young black women and we went for it.” said manager Bablando. “Fortunately, we were lucky enough to get Mr. O’Brien in as an investor. We are also looking into franchising the business to Cork and Waterford, such is the demand here.”

Ebony Spice is expected to import over 200 workers in the next 12 months.

Mr Clinton described dealing with the two young entrepreneurs as “inspirational”, and says he hopes to return to the business in 6 months time to see its progress.

“I’m sure I can take out some time to pop in to Ebony Spice in the fall.” he stated.

The 67-year-old former president is currently on tour around Ireland to promote his new range of Mens underwear.