‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Kidnapped By Crazed Fan


Reports have confirmed that ‘Flappy Bird’ creator, Dong Nguyen, has been kidnapped by a crazed fan following his decision to delete his phenomenally popular smart phone game app.

WWN’s asian news affiliate has informed us that an American man, Tim Groynes had posted a number of aggressive tweets aimed at Nguyen following his decision to delete the app.

In a worrying development the BBC is now reporting that Groynes, an English teacher based in Nguyen’s native Vietnam, has taken the drastic action of kidnapping the app’s creator after his iPhone inexplicably restored itself to its factory settings, thus removing the valued app.

In a tweet yesterday Nguyen confirmed he would delete the app ‘Flappy Bird’ which had up to this point been downloaded a staggering 50 million times. Citing stress and pressure Nguyen decided to remove the app, leaving 50 million users distraught.

Those individuals who had already downloaded the app would be unaffected as long they didn’t delete the app themselves.

Many gaming experts have cited this breaking news as yet another example of how video games encourage violence.

“It doesn’t take a genius to see the violence-inducing powers of this ‘Flapped Birdy’ game,” remarked expert and concerned parent Benjamin Young.

Meanwhile, in Hanoi a police spokesperson has said that they “believe Groynes is in Nguyen’s apartment, forcing him to reverse his decision”.

A team of negotiators have reportedly descended on Nguyen’s apartment in an effort to coax out the understandably irate Groynes. “I had a top score of 39,” the American was heard screaming from within the confines of the apartment, “that took me like a whole week you insensitive asshole,” he went on to add.

While 39 is a rather disappointing high score, the negotiators at this point have thought better of drawing attention to Groynes lackluster performance.

Groynes is believed to have no history of violence, but has broken several console controllers, leading to local Hanoi police making the decision to draft in a swat team.

More to follow as the situation unfolds…