Normally Functioning Cork Man No Idea Why He Keeps Saying “Ya know?” After Every Sentence


A CORK City native said today he has absolutely no idea why he keeps repeating the question ‘ya know?’ after every spoken sentence.

James Kennedy told WWN that he only noticed he was doing it last week, and said he cringes every time he hears himself saying the phrase.

“I was only chatting to one of the lads last week about my trip to Spain over the Christmas, when he pointed it out to me, ya know?” recalled Mr. Kennedy, who immediately rolled his eyes after realising he had said it again. “Jesus Christ! I did it again. Fuck sake!”

Kennedy, who admits he may have a physiological problem, said he is currently looking for some way to stop himself from repeating the two words over and over again.

“I’ve tried everything,” he explained. “I even got the missus to pinch me every time I said it. But it just didn’t work, ya know?…….FUCK!!”

A Specialist in speech impediments, Dr. Richard Parkins, believes Mr. Kennedy’s repetitive request for confirmation after every sentence was spawned from his younger years when growing up in a large family.

“James would have to shout over his brothers and sisters to get noticed by his parents,” claimed Dr. Parkins. “The ‘ya know?’ would force acknowledgement from whoever he was talking to, so he would know whether to continue talking or not, ya know?”

“We have found that a swift kick into the testicles every time can solve the problem,” he concluded.

With that, James Kennedy was kicked several times in the testicles and is said to be making a full recovery.