Chaos As Team Of Concern Charity Workers Trap Hundreds Of Innocent People In City Centre


UP TO three hundred innocent people are feared to be trapped in John Roberts Square today after a team of strategically placed charity workers invaded Waterford city at around 10am.

Brandishing fake smiles and clipboards, the team of three men and four women surrounded the pedestrianised city square this morning, cleverly ignoring passers by entering the ‘trap’.

It has been reported that once people are inside, they are then confronted on all exit routes leaving the square.

Gardai have told WWN that all exits, including Georges Court, has been targeted by the gorilla charity group.

Garda Terry Walsh said: “We believe there is no way out at this time. And unless these people start negotiating with the charity workers there is nothing we can do.”

“The Garda Siochana have been in contact with the Concern Charity and they have confirmed that the ‘chuggers’ will be leaving the city centre around 6pm this evening.”

Garda Walsh added that supplies of food and water will be transported into John Roberts Square later on this afternoon.

Worried family and friends of the victims were asked to stay vigilant and not to try anything stupid.

“My wife has been trapped there for 4 hours now.” said 35-year-old Thomas Keane.

She said theres hundreds of people just wandering around aimlessly looking for a gap in the Concern workers’ attention.”

However, some people did manage to escape the square unscathed – businessman George Kinsella told WWN earlier that he snuck out by just pretending he was on the phone.

He said “I caught your ones smiley face in the corner of my eye.

“Luckily I had my shades on, or the leech would have seen me.

“I immediately put the phone up to my ear and started talking. She waved frantically. I shouted down the phone as if I was angry. I could hear her saying: ”scuse me sir, do you have a few minutes?’.

I just kept walking towards O’Connell street. She threw herself down onto the ground and bear hugged my leg. I dragged her for several feet before eventually slamming her off a bin outside T&H’s.

“I just legged it then. I didn’t turn back.”

Another man stated he got out through the side door of Supermacs, but reports have come back saying that it is now also covered by one of the charity workers.

WWN will give up-to-date bulletins between now and 6 o clock.

If you are concerned about any family member or friend, please ring Ballybricken Garda station on 051-305311.