Guy Not Sure If He Deleted Internet History Before Leaving Girlfriend In Flat This Morning


A COUNTY Waterford man said he couldn’t be sure if he deleted his internet history before leaving his girlfriend in the flat this morning.

Peter Dunne told WWN today that he is ‘very worried’ about what his new lac may find on his laptop’s history of visited websites, which may span over a five day period.

He said “FUCK!!”

“I didn’t think of it. I was late for work. She stayed over for the night and the laptop didn’t even cross my mind!

“I’m such an idiot!!”.

Dunne believes his daily visits to the porn websites ‘AsianGloryHoles’ and ‘’ may jeopardise his future relationship with short-time girlfriend Jennifer Connolly.

“Oh Christ!! Me friend Damo stayed over last week and God only knows what shite he was looking at when I went to bed.”

“Fuck fuck fuck!! He’s into all that fisting granny shit!” added the very stressed 34-year-old.

Mr. Dunne said he arrived into work at nine o’ clock this morning without a care in the world, but it wasn’t until he started deleting the cache on his work computer that he realised his mistake.

“We had such a great night last night.”

“She even asked me if I ever looked at another woman since we met.

“Of course I said no!!”

The Ferrybank man admits he religiously deletes his Internet history when his girlfriend comes over to stay.

“Ya have ta boy!”

“Lacs are always snooping around the place when you’re not there. Sock drawers, under the bed, computers, you name it boy!”