Waterford Feeling Fairly Exotic After Landslide


As a result of a landslide at Plunkett Railway Station in Waterford on New Year’s Eve local residents have confessed to feeling ‘fairly exotic’.

“You just don’t often hear ‘Waterford’ and ‘landslide’ in the same sentence, it’s like something out of those disasters ye hear about in the Caribbean or the movies,” said local shop owner Richard Boyle.

“There I was listening to the radio and the news was banging on about a landslide and I thought to myself ‘ah, not those poor fuckers in Haiti again’ but sure wasn’t it us. I don’t know where to be putting myself. I’m feeling fierce exotic,” shared Frances Nolan, mother-of-three and Waterford resident.

While Waterford is not used to the occurrence of a landslide, the local community is reportedly dealing well with the situation.

“Ah the lads are setting up appeals left, right and centre,” confided local entrepreneur Stevie Valentine, “one of the boys was in the middle of drinking a can of diet 7up when he witnessed the landslide and didn’t he drop it from the shock. Now there’s no compensation or damage fund in place at the moment, so we’ve had to improvise.”

It is believed several quick thinking locals have begun ringing every number listed in the phone book in order to collect donations from the public. At the time of writing the fundraising drive had raised zero euro.

WWN can confirm, despite earlier reports to the contrary, that Waterford does resemble a war torn region but this reality has nothing to do with the landslide at Plunkett Railway Station.