Dublin Man Definitely Going To The Gym Next Year, Honest


Dublin man Dave Taylor had friends and family absolutely convinced he would be hitting the gym on the 1st of January 2014 but sadly Dave didn’t have the resolve to follow through. He instead spent much of yesterday in bed cursing his incredible talent for drinking large quantities of alcoholic beverages.

Dave was so hungover he had to completely shelve plans to become a new man in 2014, the type of man who regularly goes to the gym and actually exercises.

All, however, is not lost as Dave has vowed that next year he will absolutely, completely, honest-to-God attend the gym.

“Ah, Jesus listens no one is more disappointed than myself, but sure I’ll in be there exercising like a mad yoke next year, definitely,” Dave shared with WWN when we spoke to him earlier.

“After backing out on going yesterday I figured it’s best to seek a completely fresh start…in 12 months time, I think it’s the only option really,” he added.

Gym owners up and down the country revealed that Dave is not alone in his unfortunate slip up this past 1st of January.

“I feel sorry for Dave obviously, it’s tough to motivate yourself, like, in my case it’s going to be hard to motivate myself to spend all that money from people who stupidly bought a year’s membership when they knew full well they hadn’t a bloody hope of getting their arse into gear,” said gym owner Eugene Lyons.