Back To Work Blues Countered By Not Doing A Tap


WWN can exclusively report that most of the Nation are said to be devastated at having to head back to work today.

The 2nd of January is widely accepted as the most depressing day of the year* as people take up the task of putting in a shift at their respective professions.

This has led to the average person coming up with ever more elaborate ways to make the 2nd of January more bearable.

Chief among these coping mechanisms is a complex method known only as ‘not doing a tap’. While the precise details of the methodology behind this coping strategy have not been made fully available to WWN we understand that it involves a dedication to doing next to nothing between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

Many people are believed to use details of their Christmas and New Year as some sort of protective buffer to actual work which sees them drone on and on about every detail of their time off.

As is often the case people take to talking over one another in an attempt to not do any work, leaving countless offices throughout the country reduced to the sound of a collective foghorn of boring Christmas stories.

Some co workers appear to be listening to each other, but beneath the blank stares it has been reported they are simply thinking ‘thank Christ I’m not doing any work right now’.
*citation needed