Drug Trade To Be Recognised By FAS


Yet more good cheer as we approach Christmas with the announcement today that FAS will recognise the burgeoning drugs trade by implementing a course of its own on the discipline.

The past several months have seen drug seizure after drug seizure resulting in a tough environment for those working in the industry. Course coordinator Michael Harding spoke to WWN about this latest announcement by FAS. “When you consider the grow sites that have been shut down, we at FAS, realise a simple 12-week course to help those involved in the drug trade will help people avoid the pitfalls a lot of businesses suffer from,” shared Mr. Harding.

The course’s content is believed to include Market Acquisition, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales Strategy and Recruitment. “Many people have an image of the drug crime industry as perhaps still operating with a 20th century attitude and FAS think they can change that,” enthused Mr. Harding. The first of the 12-week course is slated to begin in a fortnight with interest already expressed in the course.

“Be good to have it down on paper and that,” shared potential attendee Robbie ‘The Badger’ Kelly. “Potential employers and that see my 43 previous conviction and probably say ‘is that enough experience for my gang?’ so with the course and that I’ll stand a better chance of getting a job out of it,” offered The Badger. “Do you know if they do a ‘how to come up with a better nickname’ module?” The Badger asked WWN when we interviewed him.

The drug crime industry is a competitive and ever evolving discipline and with the addition of the FAS Drug Trade it is hope many of those willing and able to work will gain employment following completion of the course.