Kerry Hospitals Now Charging Patients For Oxygen


FOLLOWING on from recent revelations that staff at two Kerry hospitals have been charging staff for boiling water, comes the shocking news that patients are being charged for vital oxygen too.

Many Irish people were outraged that staff were being charged for boiling water that accompanies their tea. Pressure has been put on the Government to invoke a long forgotten section of the constitution, which states ‘no citizen should be restricted from the availing of tea or the apparatus with which tea is made’.

The outrage felt by the Irish public is set to intensify in light of this latest news. WWN can exclusively reveal that those patients requiring respiratory assistance are now being charged for each inhalation.

Shocking details are emerging from Kerry early this morning with evidence that parking meter style units have been placed at the side of patient’s beds which once topped up can deliver that vital oxygen many patients require.

Management at the Kerry hospitals were unavailable for comment which leaves WWN to speculate that they were busy stealing children’s lunch money or perhaps parking in the wheelchair spaces in the hospital car park spaces.

Charity agencies have confirmed they are liaising with staff and patients in the hope of providing oxygen to the infirm, but more importantly putting in place tea making facilities free of charge.