Thousands Disappointed There’s No Google Doodle Sniper Game For JFK Anniversary


INTERNET SEARCH engine giant Google has today come under fire from thousands of users for not creating a Google Doodle sniper game for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Browsers were instead greeted with a 5oth celebration game of the popular science fiction show, Dr.Who.

“I was expecting a half decent shoot-em-up that would keep me entertained for at least five to ten minutes,” said local man, Martin Ryan. “How the hell did they let doctor fucking who steal JFK’s thunder? I am absolutely disgusted.”

The Irish-American president was killed exactly fifty years ago today at 2pm in Dallas Texas. Mr. Kennedy was shot using a high velocity hunting rifle by communist empathiser Lee Harvey Oswald, who was over a hundred yards away in a book depository.

“A handy scroll your mouse target over the presidents cavalcade game would have sufficed,” said one irate commentator. “That kind of feat could have been easily created in flash and uploaded by Google for the day.”

“Some people have no respect.” he added.

Google CEO Larry Page defended the company’s Dr. Who decision earlier by trying to claim that a JFK sniper game would have been ‘too predictable’.

“We like to go against the grain here in Google,” he stated. “But we may have something juicy for all those sadists out there come Kurt Cobains 20th next year.”