Price Of Stupidity Higher In Ireland, Claim Dentists



DENTISTS across the country have defended their high prices today by claiming the the cost of stupidity in Ireland is far greater than anywhere else in Europe.

The Irish Dental Association admitted that the average cost of a filling here is up to 50% more expensive because Irish people are actually stupid enough to pay it.

“We could charge them four times that if we wanted,” said an IDA spokesman earlier. “Instead, people should be thanking us for being so generous.

“In fact, anymore of this crap and we WILL hike the prices.”

The price of stupidity in Ireland is believed to be double that of our neighbours in the UK, where prices remain reasonably low for a high range of quality goods and services.

Ireland’s stupidity has recently cost the taxpayer nearly €100bn in loans over the past five years, forcing many stupid people into even more poverty and dumbness.

“I suppose we deserve all of this,” said one thick rural Irish man. “We spent a fortune during the boom and we’re just paying for it now.

“It’s our own doing!” he added.

The Irish Dental Association has advised people to just carry on subsidising their own stupidity for the foreseeable future, just like they have always done – without question.