Property Tax Error Sees Homeless People Taxed For Cardboard Boxes


The Government has suffered a further embarrassment relating to the Local Property Tax (LPT) scheme after homeless people were asked to pay for their ‘property’.

Letters containing instructions on LPT payments were sent out to cosy alleyway spots and the doorways of shops and businesses in an effort to contact the Nation’s homeless.

This latest political faux pas has come under fire from members of public with homeless charities calling it ‘unworkable and insulting’. Ireland is famous for its obsession with property and this latest news will do little to dispel the myth.

Gary Hurley, an anti-LPT advocate has expressed his concern at this latest development. “I’m anti-LPT because the government have made a botch of its implementation from day one. The idea that a homeless person on O’Connell Street is being asked to pay more for his cardboard box than the homeless man on Grafton Street is laughable”.

A spokesperson for the Simon Community echoed Mr. Hurley’s sentiments. “LPT charges for the homeless is laughable.

Local authorities have consistently denied planning permission for extensions to homeless peoples tents, boxes and ramshackle structures. There is a real disconnect here between the government and the homeless and their attempts to get a foot on the property ladder.”

The government were unavailable for comment when contacted by WWN but it is believed newly homeless people will be exempt from the LPT charges for the next 3 years.