Man Barred From Every Pub In Dublin Regarded As A ‘Bit Of A Legend’ Amongst Peers


A DUBLIN MAN who has been ordered to stay out of every single Dublin city pub for a year has been regarded as a ‘bit of a legend’ amongst his alcoholic peers.

Fergal Reilly was told by Judge Alan Mitchell to ‘not even dream’ of entering another city centre establishment in lieu of a six month jail sentence after he was acting the bollocks outside a Swords pub last month.

Drinking buddies told WWN that they were proud to know Mr.Reilly and can only ‘aspire’ to his current status in the city.

“I’ve been drinking almost forty years and I have never in my life heard of anyone being barred from the entire city,” said 43-year-old Crumlin man Derek Price. “He must have put in a lot of work on the ground to make that happen.”

Mr Reilly, who has 64 previous convictions, admitted before Swords District Court to public drunkenness and threatening and abusive behaviour, before being given a standing ovation by several convicts in the court yesterday.

“It was quite emotional to see it,” recalled one man, who was up for an aggravated assault. “Everyone was clapping in the court when the judge read out the charge sheet. He even took a little bow.”

“Fergal is a true inspiration to anyone drinking full-time in the city.” he added.

Judge Mitchell admitted he was quite impressed with Mr Reilly’s consistency, and advised him to take up something more productive than alcoholism.

“If you applied yourself to work in the same way you do to drinking, you’d be sitting here instead of me.” said the Judge.

To which Mr. Reilly replied: “I could do with a wig.”