Buzzfeed Running Out Of Lists Of Shit


Viral gorging internet kings Buzzfeed have digitally penned an open letter to its readership in a desperate attempt to find more ideas for their trademark ‘lists’.

Buzzfeed, despite its aspirations towards serious journalism, rely heavily on the ‘share-ability’ of their content which attempts to capture the universality of human existence.

Buzzfeed initially found great success with lists such as ’10 types of friends, we all have’ and ‘the 20 best things to love about romantic comedies’ but now finds itself running out of lists the masses can relate to.

In its open letter Buzzfeed staff have asked the public for suggestions on ‘relatable, vacuous, stereotypical reductive lists’. At first Buzzfeed lack of new content manifested itself in a ‘list of lists’ list, but it was poorly received by the site’s users.

This represents a fresh blow to Buzzfeed as just last week they announced they had shown the entirety of the World’s cute animal population on their site and were waiting for new ones to be born.

It seems Buzzfeed’s desperate call for content has not been a success as today saw the publication of several unrelatable lists. ‘6 misshapen vegetables we have all bought at a farmers market’, ’54 types of pubic hair we all have’ and ’31 ways you’ve sat on the toilet after last night’s Indian’ were just some of headlines which were met with confusion by the readers of the popular site.

The ‘ideas drought’ is set to continue until the next celebrity scandal allows for a simply hilariously set of engaging of lists and graphs.