Cannabis Legalisation Bill Declared ‘Void’ After Ming Uses It For Roach Material


THE NEW Cannabis Legalisation Bill was declared ‘Void’ by the government today after Independent TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan accidentally ripped it to pieces for roach material on the way to Leinster house this morning.

Ceann Comhairle Seán Barrett declared the damaged bill ‘a total disgrace’, and advised mister Flanagan to ‘invest in filters’ in future.

The Roscommon politician and cannabis activist apologised to the members of the Dail for the fuck-up, stating that the bill was accidentally ripped to shred’s by himself ‘for joint filters’.

“I actually thought it was today’s Daily Dail briefing, and wasn’t really paying attention,” said Mr. Flanagan. “I was in another world and I am very sorry for wasting everybody’s time here today.”

It is understood that Flanagan has been working on the bill for ten years, admitting earlier in the week to always putting it on the long finger.

“I kept saying to myself, I’ll finish it tomorrow,” he explained. “Then I would just forget about it until it came up again in conversation.”

Unfortunately for concerned cannabis smokers across the country, there was only one copy of the bill, but did make a half-decent roach material.

“All I can do is start on a new bill.” said Flanagan. “Sure, I’ll wait till the bank holiday weekend is over.

“You know yourself.” he winked.