Obama Calls For Tougher Kenyan Gun Control Laws



AMERICAN PRESIDENT Barack Obama has called for tougher gun control laws in Kenya this evening after 62 people were killed in a shopping mall in the African country.

Mr. Obama condemned the Kenyan government for its lackadaisical approach to automatic weapons, and called on the state to ‘clamp down’ on arms distribution.

“It shames me to think that my motherland could be so naive as to allow such free  use of weaponry.” said the president. “Kenya is living in the dark ages, and its people need to be educated in gun control.”

Meanwhile, U.S. authorities are denying reports given by the Kenyan government that residents of Western countries, including the United States, may have been among armed militants who attacked a Nairobi shopping mall.

“There is no way that anyone from the western world could be capable of such atrocities.” said a White House spokesman earlier. “These are crimes of wild men that probably eat their own faeces on occasion.”

America has called on the Kenyan people to hand in all their weaponry before anyone else gets hurt,  stating that their primitive way of thinking is not suited to carrying such dangerous artillery.

“They obviously have no idea how to handle such fire power,” added the US spokesman. “We urge every citizen in Kenya to give up their weapons as soon as possible before there is a repeat of this weekends shooting.”