Journalist Confidant ‘A Source Close To’ Dies Aged 44




The World’s media has expressed its shock and regret at the news of the death of famed media friend and confidant ‘A Source Close To’.

Known to the public for his close friendship with some of the World’s most famous and powerful people, A Source Close To is believed to have passed away after a short illness aged 44.

A Source Close To broke into journalism at an early age thanks, in part, to his invaluable links to some of the biggest celebrities of the time.

In later years he proved inseparable from the biggest stories in politics, entertainment and sport. A Source Close To became synonymous with breaking news. Paul Dacre, editor of The Daily Mail spoke exclusively to WWN to offer his thoughts on one of his closest friends.

“Utter devastation, to put it bluntly. A Source was a great listener and great friend to the rich and famous as well as myself. A truly expert listener who would even be listening when you weren’t expecting it. He had a fantastic memory too and could recall the exact words from conversations whether they had taken place yesterday or ten years ago if a retrospective tell-all was needed by an editor.”

While many readers have taken to internet comment sections to express their gratitude and sense of loss media experts have speculated as to what his death means for the tabloid media. “He cast such a huge reach across all journalistic disciplines and interests.

Remember this is man who was there in the ambulance with Britney. He was there when George Michael came out to his Mom. Bill Clinton told him about that stain before anyone else. A huge loss to us all” said TMZ founder Harvey Levin.

Several bereaved journalists took to twitter to express their shock with many admitting A Source Close To ‘was the reason I’m a journalist’.

Though strictly not a journalist himself he did much to shape the modern media arena which has become dominated by first hand reliable accounts of the intimate details in famous peoples’ lives.