Dublin Urged To Go Home To Bed



THE NATION has urged Dublin to go home to bed this morning after the city went on a massive bender last night, following yesterdays All-Ireland football championship win in Croke Park.

Absolutely every supporter was said to be still out drinking, forcing many of their culchie work colleagues to work extra hard this Monday.

Many businesses across the capital are said to be down to a skeleton crew of ‘country and foreign folk’, many of whom are already sick of hearing about the win.

“I come to work and no body.” said Polish national Thomas Prickawick. “Yes, Dublin win, but Ireland still in job today and want breakfast roll’

“Mondays always same.” added the soon to be deli-assistant manager if his boss doesn’t phone in soon to explain his absence.

County Dublin is home to over 200,000 die-hard Dublin football fans. It is believed that the other 900,000 people out celebrating are just using the win to ‘get lashed outavit’ for the next few days.

Meanwhile, organisers say tonight’s ‘homecoming’ is expected to attract over 50,000 supporters.

“The boys should be hitting the square around 7pm.” said drunk organiser, Tony Kelly. “We’re all gonna get smashed tonight and wreck the fuckin’ gaff!!”

Dublin beat Mayo 2-12 to 1-14 in yesterdays final.