Cameron: “Obama Made Chicken Noises Down The Phone At Me”


U.S. President Barack Obama makes a phone call to a volunteer for his campaign during a visit to a campaign field office in Chicago, on election day

THE BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron said he was feeling a little bit left down by fellow MP’s today after losing a vote endorsing military action against Syria, adding that he was left to deal with Barack Obama ‘making chicken noises down the phone’ at him.

Mr. Cameron’s non-binding motion was defeated 285-272 and had to directly call the American president afterwards.

“He asked me if there was a real leader there he could talk to, someone like Margaret Thatcher.” said the PM. “I told him she died not so long ago and that I was in charge of the country.”

“He then made chicken noises down the phone at me and hung up.”

On Monday, Cameron told the worlds media that the UK was ready to join Washington in possible military action against Assad over the alleged chemical weapons attack.

“It all went to shit when Tony Blair stuck his nose in and called for action against Assad.” said a Conservative Party representative. “Then Campbell joined in and the whole country were shouting ‘Iraq war two!'”

Sources inside parliament claim the American President has since been sending Cameron taunting messages and poking him on facebook.

“The PM showed me a looping video message of Obama and his family making chicken gestures on Vines.” said a chief communications officer for the party. “David just feels inadequate now and a bit sore that he didn’t get his way.”

The US stated it will go it alone against the Syrian regime, and urged Britain to ‘keep sipping its tea’ while they do all the work.