Dublin Hitman Who Shot Himself Not Looking Forward To The Slagging He’s Going To Get In Prison


mr x

THE DUBLIN gunman who shot himself in a botched hit last week said today that he is not looking forward to the slagging that he’s going to get in prison.

The 31-year-old hitman made the comments just before being arrested by Gardai earlier outside Beaumont Hospital in Dublin where he was being treated for self-inflicted leg injuries.

“The lads inside are going to have a field day with this.” he told WWN reporter Paddy Browne. “I’m absolutely scarlet now so I am.”

Mr. X, who cannot be named for security reasons, was later brought to Ballymun garda station to be questioned about the shooting  in broad daylight in Glasnevin.

In a statement to Gardai, he revealed that his biggest fear right now was the ‘slatting’ he was going to get from fellow criminals across the country.

“I kind of feel sorry for him in a way.” said chief inspector Derek Reilly. “He’s going to be known now for his bad aim and will be the butt of everyones jokes.”

“He’ll get the blame for every wet toilet seat in the prison.” added Garda Reilly.

Victim of the shooting, Charlie ‘The Walrus’ O’Neill (51), was seriously injured in the gun attack during rush hour on Monday morning and rushed to a separate hospital where he is still undergoing treatment for abdominal wounds.

Meanwhile, TV3 have announced a five part documentary on the shooting of Mr. O’Neill, which will be aired Monday to Friday every week for the next two years.