Irish Girl Is ‘Part-time Model Now’ After Paying For Photos Of Herself


COUNTY WATERFORD young one, Kate Egan, changed her facebook work status to ‘part-time model’ now,  following a three hour photo-shoot with some polish guy with a camera, it emerged today.

The previously unemployed Ms. Egan said she paid amateur photographer Thomas Babinski €50 for the portraits, which were taken at various locations across the city.

“I’m delighted now with the way the shoot went.” said the Media Studies student. “He got me to stand in front of local places of interest that really brought out the best in me.”

“I think the old iron bridge shots were my favourite.”

The 26-year-old has been putting off the venture into modelling for quite some time, but decided to just ‘go for it’ after hearing about the relatively low prices for the shoot.

“All my friends were on at me for ages to go into modelling.” she explained.

A total of 100 photographs of Ms.Egan were uploaded to her facebook account yesterday evening, forcing many of her friends to leave comments like: ‘OMG you look so hot in this one’, ‘STUNNING!!!’, ‘So beautiful, you should become a full-time model for sure girl’ and ‘Jesus Christ, Waterford looks like pure shit in these pics’.

Following her on-line success, Kate also set up a LinkedIn account late last night, which was later endorsed by a friend of a friend who works in a modelling agency in Dublin.

“All I’ve got to do now is sit back and watch the offers flow in the door.” she concluded.