Investigation Underway After 4 People In Shopping Centre Lose Power Of Legs On Moving Walkway


AN INVESTIGATION is underway in Waterfords City Square shopping centre today after four people somehow lost all control of their legs after stepping on to a moving walkway, it has been revealed.

The incident happened shortly after 10am this morning, when a family of two parents and two children suddenly stopped dead on the mechanical elevator system, blocking several people from passing.

“I don’t know what happened to them.” said one eye witness, who was trapped behind them for the 67 second ride. “They just seemed to forget how to walk and lost all awareness of the people behind them.”

Shopping centre security guard Niall Murphy told WWN that this is a regular occurrence on the moving walkway, which leads down to the carpark area of the building.

“This kind of thing is happening the whole time and it needs to be addressed.” said Murphy. “I think people may not feel comfortable walking on it and are scared they will fly off the end like a eejit.”

Shopping centre bosses have disabled the travellator until a full investigation is complete into the matter.

Meanwhile, three members of the family were later released from Waterford Regional hospital after being given the all clear from doctors.

“We were all treated for temporary paralysis and were given the thumbs up.” said father and husband, Mickey Dundon. “Unfortunately my wife Kate contracted MRSA in the hospital and will have to stay in there for a few nights.”