Thousands Of People Report Water Falling From Sky


Heavy Downpour

THOUSANDS of social network users took to the internet today to report large quantities of water falling from the sky, leaving many places ‘wet’ and ‘slippy’.

The droplets, which experts believe may have been carried across the country by clouds, are understood to have originated from the sea, leaving many victims saturated with the substance.

“I was just walking along minding my own business when ‘BAM!’, I felt wet stuff hit my face.” explained Mark Jacobs, who was being treated for shock in Waterford regional hospital. “It just came down so fast and so hard that I had no where to run.”

Mr. Jacobs was later found by a passing motorist in a ‘foetal position’ on the footpath outside his home.

“I don’t remember much after being attacked by the water.” he recalled. “Luckily that kind man rescued me and brought me to A and E.”

Meanwhile, absolutely everyone with a twitter or facebook account recorded the unusual occurrence on-line – for future generations to see.

“It’s just something you have to document for your grand children.” said facebook account holder Jimmy Short. “The water came straight down, as if it was going towards the earth.”

Many reported that the water seemed to be following a certain path in places, going to some unknown source they could not see.

“I seen one group of water going into an opening in the street with some strange bars on it.” reported 33-year-old Dermot Power.

“I’m just worried now its meeting up with other waters and planning something bigger.” he added.