Senator Norris ‘Only Jealous ‘ Of Our fannies, Claims Feminist Group



IRELAND’S LARGEST feminist group, the Irish Feminist Network (IFN),  said today that senator David Norris is ‘only jealous’ of their vaginas, and has asked for a formal apology from the openly gay politician over comments made to Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty.

Mr. Norris came under fire after suggesting that Ms. Doherty was ‘talking through her fanny’ in a heated debate yesterday afternoon.

“The senator is obviously envious of our vaginas and wishes he had one.” said IFN spokeswoman, Fidelma O’Shoeamhain. “I bet he wouldn’t bother to even leave his bedroom if he had a fanny.”

But while he said he regretted “any offence” he caused, he did not bother his hole to apologise.

Mr Norris made a personal statement to the Seanad this morning in which he said he “was the one speaking from his rear end”.

“Women really get on my tits sometimes.” he explained. “Sometimes they just go on and on and the only way I can describe their stupidity is by saying that they are talking through their fannies.”

“I wasn’t being sexist.” he insisted.

Mr Norris also said he did not prepare his outburst but did it off “the top of my head”.

Speculation as to which head he was referring to is still very much in debate.