Aine Collins TD Now Pregnant By Tom Barry And Seeks Abortion



FINE GAEL TD Aine Collins announced today she is now pregnant following an altercation last night in Dail chambers with party colleague Tom Barry, and will now seek to terminate the fetus.

Mr. Barry has since issued an apology to Ms. Collins for ironically impregnating her after pulling her unto his lap during the Dail debate on abortion last night.

“What I did last night was disrespectful and inappropriate,” he said. “It just kind of slipped in there and I have apologised to Aine Collins and she graciously and immediately accepted my apology.”

It is believed that both TD’s have agreed to an abortion, which will entail a sneaky boat trip to the UK next week.

“Even if the bill passes here I don’t think I feel depressed enough to commit suicide – so an abortion here is out of the question.” said Ms. Collins in a statement issued this morning.

The statement was released by the Fine Gael press office as controversy surrounding the incident grew.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny described the incident as ‘Tom-foolery’.

The Fine Gael leader has insisted that Ms Collins has not taken any major offence to impregnated in the Dail at 3am this morning.

“This kind of thing could happen to anyone.” he explained. “It just goes to show how easy it is to get pregnant, and how important it is to have a choice on abortion.”

The incident was caught on the Dail camera and has gone like totes viral.

Ms Collins is seen talking to Mr Barry on the floor of the chamber. He then appears to surprise her when he reaches out for her and puts on her on his lap, before secretly slipping his micky in and impregnating Ms Collins.