Junkies Furious After Childrens Playground Is Found In local Heroin Hotspot



TENS of Waterford junkies took to the streets in protest today over the discovery of a 3,000 square meter children’s playground in one of the cities best known heroin hot spots.

The gruesome find in the peoples park Waterford, has raised fears among local drug users over the loud racket made by children while trying to enjoy their fix.

“All the screams do be making me nervous and all.” said long time heroin addict Padjo Walsh. “They’d do be wrecking me buzz like.”

The playground, which was erected in 1999,  was only noticed by users last week, leaving many of them to believe it was probably moved into their territory over night by some kind of ‘sick fuck’.

“There was no way that was there two weeks ago.” claimed one man. “I’ve been coming here for years now and I don’t remember no kids shit here or nothin’!”

Playground paraphernalia was first found by self confessed user, Martin Shields, last Tuesday afternoon after he accidentally got tangled up in a swing for several hours.

The 27-year-old, who was later freed by firefighters,  stated  that the playground just landed there out of no where between the ’roundy water feature thing and that café place where we get all the free spoons and tinfoil’.

“Its mad so it is.” said a slightly lobsided Mr. Shields. “It wouldn’t be my ideal location for a kids playground, especially with all the drugs that do be flying around.”

“Who ever thought about putting it there should be ashamed of themselves.”

Junkies say they are now living in fear that their gear could be stolen by sober children and sold on for ‘sweets or something like that’.

“Little bastards would rob the eye out of your head and come back for the other one.” concluded the very skagged Mr. Shields.