Kenny To Issue Apology For Glenroe



Taoiseach Enda Kenny is expected to make a formal state apology today to survivors of the RTE television drama series, Glenroe.

An estimated 3.4 million people were said to be directly affected by the program, which aired from September 1983 to May 2001 on the countries national broadcaster.

Millions of survivors of the series are expected to view the live apology following the Six One news on RTE1 later this evening.

A compensation package is also to be announced and it is expected that those affected will be given ‘credit’ off their future TV licence bills.

Counselling services, healthcare and individual payments are expected to make up the majority of the compensation scheme which the Government hopes can be implemented without the involvement of lawyers and hefty legal bills.

This morning, Mr  Kenny told reporters that he “hoped this will bring closure to the matter”  and would be addressing the Dáil about bringing those responsible to justice.

“For nearly twenty years this country was brought to its knees every Sunday evening and was made cringe through some of the worst acting and script writing the world has ever seen.” he said. “Children cowered in fear at the theme music, knowing it was time again to do their homework and get ready for school the next morning.

“Today, I promise the people of Ireland that we will not put our citizens through that kind of torture, ever again.”

Following his comments, one reporter raised the issue of Fair City and asked the Taoiseach that, if his words were true, why he was letting history repeat itself.

Mr Kenny refused to reply.