Latest Poll Figures Show Idiots Still Voting For Idiots



LATEST Irish poll figures have shown today that idiots are still voting for idiots in the country, raising fears that Ireland’s voting population is saturated with brain dead morons.

The Millward Brown poll for yesterday’s  Sunday Independent, showed a large increase in the number of idiots voting for Fianna Fáil politicians.

The poll was taken among 1,000 voters between 6-13 February.

In the poll 27% of voters were said to be of average intelligence,  saying they are “undecided” about what party to vote for. When these are excluded, the poll then shows a large majority of below average intelligence voters who continue to vote for Government parties Fine Gael at 25% and Labour 13%.

The remaining 27% of voters left in the poll were said to have little or no intelligence –  supporting Fianna Fail.

Spokesperson for the Independent poll, Gerard Keane, said the Fianna Fail supporters were largely made up of feral culchie folk, with very poor literacy levels.

“These people probably find it difficult to do every day tasks such as tying their shoelaces or maintaining basic hygiene requirements.” he said. “Most of these idiots would have a sort of ‘goldfish’ memory, making them susceptible to the Fianna Fail PR machine.”

Sources say Fianna Fail politicians have already started canvassing for the next general election in rural parts of Ireland including, Tipperary, Offaly, Leitrim and various other idiot based counties around the country.