Government Confirms It Will Try To Cash Promissory Notes In Local Cash Converters Store



IN A LAST ditch effort to reclaim something back from the Anglo Irish Bank debt, the government confirmed today that it will try to cash the Promissory notes in a Dublin city Cash Converter store.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny told WWN earlier that he will call down to the second hand pawn shop on Liffey street after lunch time to see if he can cash in the €30.06 billion promissory note payments due in respect of the bust bank.

“I know they charge 10% on the euro, but sure wouldn’t it be worth it if we can get a few bob out of them.” said Mr.Kenny. “I have ID and a proof of address, it should be fine.”

It is believed the pawn shop will make a whopping 3 billion euro from the transaction.

The government share of €27bn is expected to go directly back into government buildings.

“Leinster house needs some refurbishing and there is probably no better time to do it than the Spring time.” added the Taoiseach. “Hopefully we can pick up some cheap outside contractor from the continent to start work on it immediately.”

Last night the government passed a motion to liquidate the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation – the entity made up of the former Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide Building Society.