Will.I.am’s Latest Track Still Sounds Shit On Mars, Say Scientists


AMERICAN rapper Will.I.am’s latest single still sounds shit on Mars say NASA scientists who endured the four minute track being played on the Curiosity Rover last night.

Reach for the Stars — not to be confused with S Club 7’s smash hit — made history as it became the first ever song to be played on the red planet.

A disappointed NASA said that the song sounded exactly as it did when played here on earth, crushing the hopes and dreams of thousands of brutal musicians around the world.

“Yep, it still sounded pretty fucking shit when we listened to it.” said lead Curiosity scientist Dr. Michael Masterson.

“At least Will.I.am can say he reached number one on the Martian charts!”

NASA chose the track for its lack of substance and cheesy lyrics, and hoped it would somehow sound more pleasing to the ear when played through the thin atmosphere on Mars.

The singer tweeted the bad news on his Twitter feed, stating: ‘Unfortunately, my track Reach for the stars is still shit on Mars. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years.’

Sources say it took Mr.am over 3 weeks to write the song. The lyrics of which include: ‘Reach for the stars Let’s reach for the stars, Reach for the stars, Let’s reach for the stars, Reach for the stars, Let’s reach for the stars.’

It is believed the 37-year-old will announce his retirement from the music industry later this week to persue a career in retail management.