Moses Suing Apple And Samsung Over Tablet Patent


RELIGIOUS leader Moses is suing rival tablet makers  Samsung and Apple over the design of their touch screen computer  products, which includes the I-pad and Galaxy ‘Tab’ PC.

The Hebrew lawsuit claims that both companies are copying Moses’ original design for the ten commandment tablets which he created on mount Sinai over 2000 years ago.

The prophet cites examples of patent infringement that includes the flat design of the product and the writing stuff that appears on it.

Moses also claims that the layout of the words and the rectangular shape of the Galaxy and Ipad is like such a rip off of his own design, adding that the ten commandment tablets were like ‘totes amazeballs’ in comparison.

The stakes are incredibly high, with the corporations facing potential global sales ban on all of their smartphones and tablet computers.

For Moses it is a pivotal test of his street credibility and his worldwide patent litigation strategy.

A 12-member jury, made up entirely of apostles, will hear evidence over a forty day period, and they must reach a unanimous decision for Moses on any of his claims.

However Islamic countries – which have vastly different patent and copyright laws – threw out Moses’ claims – and ordered the prophet to stop being such a dick.