‘That’s Not What Your Mother Said Last Night’, Claims Friend Of Dublin Man


A LONG time friend of Dublin man James Dunphy claimed earlier that a comment made during a conversation at the weekend between the pair was in no way similar to what Mr. Dunphy’s mother said to him the night before.

Sources claim Alan Whealan implied that he was in fact with James’ mother for the majority of the evening, leading to speculation as to why she would never have said the supposed comment in the first place.

“We were all just sitting down in the house having a few cans and watching TV when James let roar at Alan to ‘stop flicking it up and down like that’.” said witness and friend of the men, Thomas Keane.

“Alan had the TV remote control in his hand and was flicking through the channels franticly at the time.” he explained.

It is believed the 26-year-old then retorted, saying Mrs Dunphy did not say that the previous night when she was with him.

“At first we weren’t too sure what he meant as it was a little bit confusing.” said another friend who wished to stay out of this whole thing.

“Then we realised he was pretending to be with James’ mum in a sexual way the night before, and that is why she would not have asked him to ‘stop flicking  it up and down like that’.”

Witnesses claim several of the men at the scene laughed at the comment as it was quite humorous and well timed.

Experts believe it was like Alan knew what James was going to say, and that the whole thing was like some kind of funny movie involving friends or something along those lines.