Fine Looking Bird With Nice Arse Accuses Male Colleagues Of Sexual Harassment


A FINE looking bird with a nice arse has accused several of her innocent male WWN colleagues of sexual harassment over a fourteen month period, a court was told today.

Your wan from accounts said she had been subjected to numerous humiliations since she started working for the News giant in 2010.

Solicitor for the so called victim, Terrence Waterman, told Waterford district court that she had reported the harassment on five different occasions to the sub-editor, but nothing was done.

“Everytime I handed in the complaint he asked me to join him for dinner so we could ‘talk in more detail’ about the matter.” she said.

“After the first couple of ‘restaurant meetings’ I realised he was only trying to get me into bed.”

The lying cow then told the court that she felt threatened by her male colleagues and sometimes rang in sick to work because she couldn’t face the litany of abuse directed at her.

“Any time I would walk down to the photocopying machine the whole place would go quiet.”

“I could just feel their eyes all over me.” added the paranoid bitch.

The editor for the newspaper told himself today that there was no way his male employee’s would ever subject any female worker like that, even if she did have a stunning arse and fairly fit head.

“Your wan was flirting with everyone so I don’t know what she’s on about boy!”

“She used to twirl her hair the whole time and laugh at jokes that weren’t even funny.”

“Slut!” he added.

Three employee’s, Les Duggan, Paddy Browne and Thomas Hill have all pleaded not guilty to over 478 charges of sexual harassment in the work place.

The case is set to continue for three more weeks.