New Images Of Titanic Show Ship Is Still Pretty Much ‘Sunk’


ASTOUNDING new images of the Titanic show the ship is still pretty much sunken under 12,500ft of water and not actually going anywhere, regardless of how many times people look.

These new photographs were created using top of the range sonar equipment so expensive it could have fed several thousand starving families for a week if  flogged to charity, ‘but that shit is gay’ claim scientists.

Much the same as previous underwater pictures of a sunken ship these stunning photographs show how big and broken it is under tonnes of water.

Unfortunately, expeditions to the vessel over the past 20 years have not yet found any survivors in or around the 3 mile debris zone.

National Geographic explorer Martin Steinburg told WWN today that the chances of someone surviving the icy cold temperatures of the North Atlantic ocean for a hundred years was very slim indeed.

“I’m kind of shocked you would ask such a question to be honest!”

WWN then asked the scientist what exactly he hopes to find in the titanic if he has no hope for locating any survivors.

“Am…..I suppose its piece of mind…….

“….to be honest I don’t know really what we’re doing here.” he added.

What is known is the titanic has remained stationary at the bottom of the ocean since 1912 and that it will probably remain there for quite some time to come.

However, scientists claim the ship does move ever so slightly due to the underwater currents and needs to be monitored every few months in case there is more damage caused to the ships hull.