Mourners Post Really Funny Crack ‘Tribute Jokes’ To The Late Great Whitney Houston


THOUSANDS of mourning Irish men and women posted really funny crack ‘tribute jokes’ on Facebook today in an emotional memorial to the late Whitney Houston.

The tribute jokes started pouring in seconds after the singers death late last night. The majority of which were sourced from the on-line joke website ‘Sickipedia’.

Many mourners opted for the ‘new Whitney film called the bodybag’ post, but others posted equally funny jokes relating to the incompetence of Kevin Cosner in preventing her death.

One man told WWN that it took him several hours before finding the right tribute joke to post on his Facebook wall.

“I was going to go for the ‘bodybag’  joke, but I eventually opted for the ‘Still waiting for her to exhale’ remark.”

“I got several likes for that one. I’m glad I held back.” he added.

Houstons PR agent Harold Waters told press today he was overwhelmed by the joke tributes pouring in from fans across the world.

“I would like to thank all those people out there who took the time to think of such funny tribute jokes for Whitney. I’m sure she is smilling down on us from the great big crack den in the sky.” he joked.

Tribute Jokes first took off in June 2009 when the equally famous drug addict,  Michael Jackson, died of an drug over dose which was apparently administered by his doctor.

Since then tribute jokes have become common place across all media platforms following the deaths of super-rich celebrities with super-rich drug problems.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said the social network will be introducing the worlds first ever ‘tribute joke generator’ this year to coincide with the increase in ‘pathetic celebrity junkies’ dying.