Confused Irish Citizen Votes ‘No’ To Presidency


A VERY confused Irish citizen has voted ‘No’ in this years Presidential election today.

Terry Power (32) left the polling station early this morning after he was asked to vote on two referendums and one presidential election, all in one day.

“I don’t know ta fuck! I just voted ‘No’ to everything.” said the part time social welfare claimant.

“I suppose its handy getting all three of them out of the way. The two referendums things were like bonus votes. What were they about anyway?”

Voters around the country were asked today for their decision on two referendums proposing changes to the Constitution of Ireland which will give unprecedented powers to politicians to investigate anyone for anything they bluddy well please.

Thousands of confused voters were only made aware of the very important decision as they made their way to the voting box.

“It took me two months to decide what jackass to vote for in the presidency and then I was snared with this shit! I feel violated. What gobshite decided to sneak these little beauties in eh?” said  one man who was very angry indeed.

Sources involved with the counting process have said that Mr. Power was not the only person who voted ‘No’ to the presidency.

One insider told WWN today: “If we get a few hundred more ‘No’ votes we might have to cancel the whole election process forever.”