Cowen’s Dáil Bar Tab Was Paid Just Hours Before €3.6bn ‘Accounting Error’ Was Announced


EX-TAOISEACH Brian Cowen is reported to have paid an ‘undisclosed’ sum towards his Dail bar tab just hours before the announcement of a €3.6bn ‘accounting error’ yesterday, leading to speculation on the actual source of the countries new found windfall.

Mid-ranking officials in the Department of Finance reported the discrepancy yesterday morning, stating it was an in-house mistake with the governments bookkeeping dept.

However, WWN can reveal that a Dail bar tab was paid shortly before the announcement, leaving many to believe the money was actually the balance left on Mr.Cowens drinks bill.

Sources who work at the bar have said Mr.Cowen was a regular customer there for over thirty years and had ran up a large tab during the course of his political career.

Both the bar and the Finance department are now carrying out an investigation into their procedures to make sure this kind of thing never happens again, ever. The ‘error’ is likely to raise even more questions into the ability of the countries leaders.

Government spin-doctors had originally claimed the money was found in an old Finna Fail press in the Dail canteen, but later retracted the statement, saying it was a typo.

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan stated, the discovery of the biggest accounting mistake in the history of the planet, means the country can finally get that nice spire cleaned on Dublins O’Connell street.

He then added the find was a ‘God send’ and that people should not question an act of God: “It was obviously just good luck. Someone is looking down on us here. People should be thankful we have an extra €3.6 billion.

“You see, that is exactly what’s wrong with this country: its full of cynical, pessimistic people who will never be happy. We need to look ahead now and just forget the past mistakes made by politicians.

“Nobody is perfect at maths. After all, its not about what sum you come up with, its how you get there. That’s the main trick in Maths. The answer is not important.” he concluded.