US And UK Governments Join Global Anti-Capitalist Protests With ‘Occupy Iran’



THOUSANDS of US and UK military personal are set to ‘Occupy Iran’  in what is believed to be the biggest anti-capitalist protest ever recorded in human history.

The protest which was originally inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, and the “Indignants” in Spain, has now spread from citizen to government.

Barack Obama said he was ‘overwhelmed’ at the global response of the occupy movement and urged nations worldwide to help crush president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s capitalist regime.

At a white house press conference today he said: “People of the world. It is our duty to extinguish capitalistic greed in all oil ridden nations. As we have seen in New York, Spain and London, peaceful protesting can work.

“As a government, we feel it is our duty to march into Tehran and occupy it. We will ask the Iranian government to peacefully cease oil production and hand over all mineral wealth to the United States of America so we can evenly distribute it back into the world economy.”

Iran has come sharply back into focus following the de-capitalisation of Libya.

Luckily for the allies, Iran is stuck between Iraq and Afghanistan, who’s people were recently set free from capitalism by devoted US and UK protesters.

David Cameron said Iran’s sickening greed continues to pose a threat to our delicate beliefs and that he and the US president want the international community to peacefully protest against the money hungry nation.

It is estimated more than 150,000 protesters will march over the Iranian border within the next few weeks. There they will make camp and chant songs of change for a 5-10 year period, whilst freeing the ignorant minds and souls of the monetary worshipping natives living there.