Thousands Of Facebook Users Protest In Dublin Over New Status Update Thingy


Over 20,000 Facebook users clashed with riot police in Dublin today in protest of the new Facebook status layout.

Demonstrations were held in Dublin to protest the sudden decrease in font size and the awkward positioning of the status message. This being the strongest challenge yet to the social networks handling of interface changes.

Protesters blame Facebook developers directly for the change, as well as the companies CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In Dublin, thousands gathered in the city centre, carrying anti-status changing update banners, calling on Facebook to change the layout back to its original.

Facebook users have been known to over-react when changes are made to the interface without prior knowledge, especially when it is something as crucial as the status update option, where users tend to gloat about things they’ve done or will do in the near future.

“I don’t want a smaller font! How will anyone see it? Whats with them moving the text below my name? How will I talk about myself in the third person now? It will just look stupid.

“Writing ‘John Doe is happy because he found his box of smarties under the couch’ just won’t have the same meaning to it when there is a huge space between the name and the rest of the sentence.

“These bastards can’t do this to us. We have rights too you know.

“How come we never have a say in the layout. I hope that Zuckerberg cunt gets whats coming to him” said Mark Keane, a 32-year-old unemployed man from Waterford.

This is Mr. Keanes first physical protest, only virtually protesting several times via Facebook groups and comments.

The status update crisis hit the company today at 11am and, in the past day, it has led to mass hysteria and world wide protests, fueling social discontent throughout the Network.