Primate Still Hopeful That Papal Visit To Ireland Will Happen In Next 60 Years, Maybe.

 THE Primate of All Ireland, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, has said that he is still hopeful that this Pope or the next, will visit Ireland sometime in the next 60 years.

Dr Martin said it was his belief that “after all this child sex thing blows over” a pope will eventually return to Ireland.

“There is just too much heat at the moment” he added.

The Archbishop said he was “quiet sure” that either Pope Benedict or his predecessor will grace the Irish public with his presence sometime soon.

He recounted that he met the Pope 3 years ago at Buckfast abbey in Devon after a tonic wine tasting ceremony and he told him that he “taught that maybe it would be a good idea for his eminence to visit the Irish public, or even acknowledge that they were still part of his religion.” The pope did not reply.

A spokesman for the pontiff said that the reason his eminence did not reply to the Archbishops request was probably because he was very tired from all the travelling that day.

Sources close to the pontiff have stated that his eminence has banned the use of the words “child, abuse and Ireland” in the Vatican, making it very difficult for the clergy to invite him over.

Last week the Bishops announced that they had tried again to invite Pope Benedict to Ireland by using picture diagrams they put together.

“We are still waiting on a reply, Im sure he’s quiet busy” a spokesman stated.

Meanwhile, in a statement from the Catholic Communications office yesterday, the Archbishop asked Catholics to pray for the Pontiff’s visit and for his acknowledgement of the Irish people