O’Sullivan’s Head Shop Closes After 86 Years


A HEAD shop that has been keeping Waterford lit since 1924 has become the latest victim of the governments ‘party pooper’ regime.

O’Sullivan’s Head Shop was well known for selling traditional psychoactive substances using old fashioned pipes and bongs, but has closed after the banning of 90% of its stock.

“We are absolutely devastated at the news” said proprietor Jim O’Sullivan, who will continue to run a nearby brothel. “Half of Waterford used to come in here, and we’ve had customers ranging from 12 to 95 years of age. There is a great tradition here in the town to get out of your head boy!”

He added “Selling legal highs the old way, weighing them out and grinding them in a wooden grinder, was how I was brought up. All these new head shops were too commercialised. I think there is nothing nicer than chopping up a nice ounce of pure Mephadrone and then serving it fresh to a young man about to hit the town with his mates. Going to bed knowing you have made someone very happy always made me sleep just that little bit better. As my father always said: Reality is a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs.”

In its early days, O’Sullivan’s was a regular haunt for the Waterford hurling team, who used to buy large quantities of ‘fast stuff’ for big games.