Not Driving For 6 Months Every Year Can Reduce Risk Of Crashing By Half


NOT DRIVING your car for six months every year could reduce the chances of crashing it by half, a group of WIT students have claimed.

The Waterford Institute of Technology study found that when drivers were taken from behind the wheel, there was a significant reduction of up to 50pc in car accidents.

Dr Teddy Richards, head of the study, examined 300 drivers from the Waterford city area, with half following a 6 month driving boycott and the rest just carrying on with their every day driving routines.

The group study found that 8 of the 150 drivers who continued driving had been involved in some kind of car accident, were as none of the other drivers who volunteered were involved in any.

Dr Richards said the new find could be a life-saver for drivers who would have crashed if they had continued driving, but didn’t as they decided to stop driving after hearing about this life saving study.

James Power, an ex-boy racer, stated the study has opened his eyes to the dangers of driving for 12 months of the year. He was one of the volunteers who boycotted his car as part of the WIT research.

“I didn’t crash once during the whole six months and neither did anyone else in my group. That has to say something.” said Power.

“I’m going to do this every year from now on. The roads are dangerous enough. I think everyone should do this. Its genius boy!

“We could save hundreds of lives and countless tragedies.” he added.

Dr. Richards said: “I felt this was a really successful study and I would like to thank the team of students who helped and participated in it. They’re a credit to their parents.

“The facts are there for the whole world to see. I hope our findings will save lives.