Half Of Teens Back ID Cards To Help Remember Name And Address When Drunk


PRESSURE is mounting on the Irish Government to introduce a national identity card scheme following a survey which found that over half of teenagers feel this would help them remember important personal details when drunk.

The WIT survey asked over 4,000 teenagers across the country what they thought about the introduction of a compulsory ID card system.

One fourteen-year-old who took part in the survey said today: “I think its a great idea. If I had a can of  dutch for every time I forgot my name and address when elephants I probably wouldn’t remember anything about myself right now. I’d be wrecked outa me head like. This conversation would probably be going in a totally different direction.

At least with an ID card, you could just hand it to the arresting Gardai so they’d know which house to to bring ya to.”

The ID card scheme was the most popular option among teenagers to combat the problem of passing out and not being able to communicate important personal details to ambulance crews and Gardai.

Minister for Justice and Law Reform, Dermot Ahern, said that he was thinking of introducing a compulsory ID card system but “had chosen not to because it would probably promote binge drinking.”

“They would just abuse the card. Teenagers would just treat it as a means of a lift home, leaving them free to drink as much as they wanted in parks and ditches.” he said.

Teenagers dismissed the idea that they would just ‘use’ the card as a means of late night transportation.

One 17-year-old girl from Ballymun said “I don’t agree with whats his face there. The card would come in handy for more important things like proving that your legal tender an’ all. Reassuring older fella’s who are afraid to come on to ya cause you look to young. At least with the card I can prove i’m 17 and get the ride an’ all. The cards are also deadly for cuttin up coke cause of the blunt edges. They also make great collectors items. Me mate Decco has hundreds of bleedin ID’s and passports in his gaff and makes a bleedin fortune selling them to other collectors an’ all.”

It will come as a disappointment to many parents that 37 percent of teenagers who took part in the survey said that they didn’t want to see the card introduced as it would only remind them they had homes to go to.