Japanese Prime Minister Thanks Members For ‘Liking’ Really Important Facebook Group


JAPANESE Prime Minister Naoto Kan said in a press conference today that he was really grateful that so many people took the time and effort to click the ‘like’ option on the ‘We Support Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Victims’ facebook group.

The PM said he wanted to voice his appreciation and gratitude for the hundreds of other facebook groups that were set up over the past three days to show support for the people of Japan.

“I honour all those people in front of their computers for showing us such passionate support. It is truly heart warming to know that people can actually take the time out of their busy day to perform such a gesture.” said an emotional Kan.

“Just knowing that nearly ten thousand people ‘like’ is enough to mend our broken hearts. Without support like this I don’t think the people of Japan could have gotten through these last few days.” he added.

Mr Kan then briefed the press on the latest development of relief and reconstruction efforts. He said that reconstruction of his country’s economy would follow the emergency phase of rescuing survivors and treating the wounded.

The prime minister also wished that the Facebook group would continue to grow, bringing good-will and prosperity to his nation.

The ‘We Support Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Victims’ group was set up just three minutes after the first wave hit the Japanese coast.

In an on-line statement, administrator Mohamed Patel expressed to the Japanese Prime Minister his heartfelt sympathy for Japan’s suffering and his deepest grief over the deceased in and after the quake.

Mr Patel also promised that he would do his best to get as many ‘likes’ as he can over the next few weeks.

“Yea man. We’re hitting 10k now. That’s only in three days! We predict at least a million members by July. Cha Ching! Unless of course theres another earthqauke somewhere else. That would suck man.” said the facebook group guru.

The twenty three year old is also resposible for other such facebook support groups like ‘Facebook for Haiti’ and ‘Show your Support for the victims of the New Zealand Earthqauke’.

“Yea, we kinda bottomed out on the New Zealand group this week man. We were hitting 27,000 members and then this shit happened. But hey, that’s the way it goes in this business bro.” He added.

If you want show the world just exactly how much this disaster means to you, please join this very important group. It will make things so much better in Japan.