ET Claims ‘Phone Home’ Was Also Hacked By News Of The World


A PRIVATE investigator working for the News of the World allegedly hacked into ET’s  ‘phone home messages’ in 1982, a lawyer for the Extra-Terrestrial said today.

ET’s name, intergalactic phone number, account number and password were found in material seized by police from the News of the World’s contracted private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, in August 2007.

The 4 foot 3 inch alien said police told him Mulcaire hacked into his phone device, which he made from an electronic toy word game and bits of metal, while he was hiding from homeland security in a suburban home in Calarfonia after crash landing into nearby woods a week before.

Police claimed the investigator intercepted important messages left by ET to an alien rescue crew and said the News of the world then deleted some, which delayed the entire ET rescue mission.

The NOTW exposed the alien in a September issue of its Sunday News Paper leading to the capture of both him and his 9 year-old accomplice.

ET’s lawyer, Patrick Masterson, said his client almost died in a temporary government lab because of the newspapers interference.

“Fortunately ET managed to recover and escape on a flying bicycle with the aid of a young boy called Elliot.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that if the paper had not interfered with the phone messages, ET and the boy would not have gone through the whole traumatic experience of being quarantined and then probed by US government officials.” he said.

Since news of the ET hack came to light an increasing number of public figures are approaching the police to ask for themselves whether their names or personal details were among those held by the investigator.

ET, now 278-years-old, has since stated he constantly suffers post-traumatic stress from the incident and holds News of the World and its owners to blame.

A preliminary court hearing is due to be held on the 27th of June 2078.