Author: Colm Williamson

Support For Trump Surges After Madonna Threatens Blowjobs


LATEST election polls today have indicated a massive surge in support for Donald Trump following a series of vile threats made by singer songwriter Madonna on Tuesday night. The majority of polls revealed the Republican candidate shot up a staggering 67% shortly after the 58-year-old publicly told the world that she would perform oral sex on anyone… Read more »

Inside Dublin Religious Sect ‘The Jaysis Witnesses’


VERY little is known about Dublin’s second biggest religious sect, The Jaysis Witnesses, due to their tight knit community and their hatred for the media. Posing as a potential worshipper seeking something new, WWN undercover reporter Paddy Browne spent a day at their annual conference in Dublin city: Donning my Sunday best, I entered Dublin… Read more »

BREAKING: Ecuadorian Embassy Vanishes From London Overnight


POLICE in London are said to be baffled today after a six story building housing the Ecuadorian Embassy suddenly vanished overnight, leaving behind its foundations and very few clues as to how the entire building was removed from the Knightsbridge area of the city. Scotland Yard detectives believe the white stucco-fronted red-brick building on Hans… Read more »

How About Not Voting For Either Of These Two Crooked Fucks, American Nation Agrees


IN A rare moment of strength and community brought on by an uncertain future and series of damning claims, the American nation collectively agreed today not to vote for either Presidential candidate, a first in the nation’s short but eventful history. Sick of the lies, hoodwinking, corruption and ongoing sexual allegations tainting both camps, American’s stood… Read more »