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Government Will Look Into Claim ‘Ireland Least Prepared For Winter Gas Crisis’ In March Next Year

WARNINGS from experts that Ireland is ill-prepared for a potential energy shortage in winter is being taken very seriously by the government who are poised to sanction swift action, WWN can reveal. “We take all expert views seriously and my department is intent on assessing such scenarios for winter 2022, a paper will be prepared… Read more »

Cost Of Energy Rising Sharply Due To Ukraine, Covid, Brexit, Suez Canal, Climate Change, Underwhelming Game Of Thrones Finale, Everything Really

PEOPLE complaining about the soaring costs of gas and electricity have been described as ‘selfish’, as the hikes are down to the Ukraine-Russia war and there are people ‘much worse off than you right now’. “Shame on you all, you’re giving out about a measly 33% hike in gas prices when there’s families in Ukraine… Read more »

Irish Power Stations Advised To Take Batteries Out, Roll Around In Hand To Get Another Few Weeks Out Of Them

ROLLING blackouts may be prevented this winter if Ireland’s power stations stick to some tried-and-trusted methods of wringing as much juice out of their batteries as they can, WWN can report. The news came from an energy think-tank in Leinster House, who stated that a ‘remote control’ approach to the nation’s power problems could help… Read more »

Stay Warm This Winter By Burning Leaflets From Politicians Promising They’ll Sort Everything

SAVVY householders may be able to escape savage energy price hikes if they had the foresight to keep the easily combustible pamphlets distributed by their local TDs over the last few years, WWN can confirm. “In most locales around the country, government TDs have issued leaflets year-round promising that their constituents are ‘doing fine and… Read more »