There Is No Housing Crisis, Look At These People & Their Quirky Shed


WWN PROPERTY EXCLUSIVE: WWN can reveal that there is a couple who have a cutesy ickle pretend house, therefore the housing crisis does not exist and you need to accept your shit existence toiling in the mud.

If you were ever incensed by aspects of the Irish property market, for example people calling it ‘the property market’, these feelings have been invalidated because someone has a shed in a field down the country and they’re perfectly happy with it.

“It cost us about €30k all in,” said the couple, which begs the question why you think you’re entitled to a new build 3-bed house in Dublin for under €400k.

Look at the teeny tiny piece of property paradise! Anyone would happily find joy in this reasonable alternative to a real house. Not me now, I’ve got an actual house at a highly inflated price and I need prices to stay up there so I’m not in negative equity, but that’s besides the point, isn’t it just so quirky yet definitely a viable option that you can’t dismiss out of hand?

It’s properties like this, miles from transport links, amenities and medium-to-large employers, that really hammers home the point that if you’re paying €2000 a month to rent a house, that’s your choice and you can’t point the finger of blame anywhere else.

And to suggest a change of political parties in power is a bit cuckoo, but not as cuckoo as the cuckoo clock kooky couple Dave and Fiona have on their wall in their serene shack.

What a deceptively spacious 24sq metre mini-mansion!

UPDATE: Yes, the parent company which owns this publication is heavily invested in rental properties, however this is rational, independent quirky slice-of-life journalism, and not a transparent attempt to keep the people from overthrowing their fat cat overlords.