Why You Should Vote For Bill Badbody Today


EDITOR’S NOTE: Despite being WWN’s editor I, Bill Badbody, have not pressured staff into writing this article which has come about organically and was not personally requested by me in a last ditch attempt to drum up some votes.

Ireland’s only candidate campaigning on a full and total migration ban (no one comes in, no one leaves) Bill Badbody is the fresh voice Waterford and Ireland desperately needs.

As of writing, Bill is not a person of interest in mobilising people to burn down refugee accommodation due in part to the scant resources the local gardaí have to investigate such things. This is actually something Bill is campaigning for a change to through private security firms, such as the Badbody Mercenary Group, playing a greater role in policing in Ireland.

Bill has worked tirelessly for the local community for nearly four decades as a volunteer landlord, and would be the perfect person to represent the concerns of people in the 40% income tax bracket who also have offshore tax avoidance arrangements.

Bill’s message of ‘whatever is it, it’s gone too far’ has resonated with voters on the doors, and Bill has been careful to disguise his racism in a way that makes people feel okay about their own racist views. This ability to connect with people is a rare quality in a politician.

A passionate believer that is it time for new faces such as himself gain the opportunity to be paid a lot of money by the taxpayers and bolster his pension.

Bill won’t say this because he’s too modest but no one has worked harder this campaign season, he’s gone horse from shouting at the intern he’s not paid to run his campaign, and one particularly exhausting day he got a blister from walking in new shoes when campaigning in the golf club lounge.

If you sense you have common sense in common with Bill, it’s a no brainer to vote for him today!